Diaconal Ministries and Contact Information

Grace Church Office
P: (406) 755-9673
E: info@gracechurchkalispell.org

Head Deacon
Mike Nye
E: mikeanye@gmail.com

Grace Church Elders
Pastor Chris Miller
Bruce Smith
Jacob Sykes

Deacon of Finances & IT
Nick Maltby
E: nick@auxi.team

Deacon of Sunday Operations
Greg Bork
E: gsbork@gmail.com

Deacon of Community Development & Hospitality
Dennis Jingst
E: jingst@centurytel.net

  • Potluck – Tina Oursland | E: cgc64@centurytel.net
  • Meals – Tina Oursland
  • Kitchen – Dennis & Kathy Jingst
  • Funerals
  • Showers – Jen Maltby, Darcee Strickler
  • Special Projects – Darcee Strickler

Deacon of Membership Care
Rick Moore
E: ricmoore@mt.gov

  • Moving Team
  • Visitations
  • Financial Care to Members
  • Service Skills Team

Deacon of Facility Maintenance & Building