Hospitality in the New Testament seems to be less of a specific activity (e.g. "invite someone to your house for dinner") and more of a mindset of folding strangers into your life.  That biblical idea of hospitality is what constitutes the relationship fabric of Grace Church. If this congregation becomes your church home, you'll likely discover that much of the ministry here falls into this simple category of hospitality.  So what does that look like?

Stay Around After Services

One very simple way to express hospitality is to simply stay around after the conclusion of our worship service. We like to call this the “extended informal worship service.” We want to encourage you to stay around and talk, to speak to visitors and to people you don’t know, and to make initial connections with others in the church. If you are looking to get connected to the church, don’t rush out after the service, but stick around with the rest of the congregation. It's part of how we're building a church that feels like the family of God.

Hospitality Sundays and Sharing Meals Together

We’ve tried to build a culture where hospitality is normal. So we hope that members will reach out to newcomers, but we also hope that newcomers will step up and invite longer-term members and other new people over for a meal or out for an activity. Living these kinds of open lives together is a big part of how we create and sustain the hospitable culture of a gospel community. We are seeking to facilitate this by setting aside a meal on the first Sunday of the month to invite or be invited over for a meal.