What to Expect

A Church Proclaiming the Gospel

Though we seek to proclaim the gospel in many ways both corporately and individually, the high point of this proclamation is our weekly Sunday morning worship service.


A Church Preserving the Gospel

We intentionally seek to see the gospel and this church preserved both in our lifetimes and for many generations to come.

A Church Displaying the Gospel

We seek to adorn the gospel in doctrine through healthy gospel community.


Gospel Clarity

The teaching of the Gospel is central to Grace Church and the community of believers here. Below are some common questions and answers about the Gospel from Tim Keller’s study on Gospel Christianity and Two Ways to Live from Matthias Media.

Looking for more information?

If you didn't find what you were looking for here check out our core values page or listen to one of our core sermons. Please feel free to contact the church office with any more questions you might have.