On Meeting Again

The following articles may provide help in considering how we should go about returning to Sunday services with all of the different opinions and preferences and concerns that accompany such a transition. If you choose to read only one of these articles, I would recommend you read the first one by Jared Poulton.

Biblical Principles for Christians Navigating the Reopening of Church Services

This excellent article by Jared Poulton includes biblical principles that all Christians should consider as our church services begin again. The article, titled “Three Thoughts on Navigating Potential Conflict in Reopening Church”, is particularly aimed at providing considerations that should be made as we begin to meet together in the midst of this unusual and uncomfortable time.

Another Church’s Plan to Begin Meeting

I really appreciate Brian Croft’s words to his church as they plan to reopen. “Our aim is to make sure all feel safe and comfortable to return. This will differ from church to church and situation to situation.”His church has a plan that is similar in many ways to our own plan to begin meeting again.

Why Re-Opening the Church Is Harder than Closing It Down

Eric Geiger explains why this transition will be difficult. Firstly, viewpoints are more divided about re-opening the church than they were about closing down. Secondly, this is new territory. We have not done this before.


T4G Resources now Available to the Public

The most recent Together for the Gospel Conference is now available online for everyone to access.