4/23 Epidemic A La Carte

We are continuing to compile some of the best articles and resources for Christians during the COVID-19 Pandemic in our “Epidemic A La Carte” series, inspired by Tim Challies’ daily A La Carte emails.

Visual Theology: The Attributes of God (pdf)

As we begin our sermon series on the attributes of God, this might be useful for summarizing the attributes of God for children (and adults!). They are organized in terms of communicable and incommunicable attributes. Here is a little bit about Visual Theology: “In January of 2012 Tim Challies posted a single infographic depicting the Order of Salvation. Josh Byers saw that graphic, was intrigued by the concept, and contacted Tim about it. Tim responded and soon after they got to work on the Periodic Table of the Bible. Since then, they have gone on to collaborate on numerous graphics, timelines, biographies and even a book (which you can order right now!)” See the Visual Theology website for more information.

Encouragement from Christians All Over the World

Tim Challies collected a number of Christian’s answers to the question, “What are some of the surprising ways you have witnessed or experienced God’s goodness in this difficult time?” This might be an encouragement and give you pause to reflect on ways God has been good to you throughout this pandemic.

Crisis, Christ, and Confidence: A Call for the Church to Rise
A conversation about Christian compassion, including a brief history of Christians and medical care. 

Theological Reflections on the Pandemic

Brian Tabb, the editor of Themelios, offers “theological, historical, and pastoral reflections on disease and sickness.” This would be useful if you are looking for a brief summary of how to understand this pandemic according to God’s Word.

The Rare Opportunity for a Schedule Do-Over

Tim Challies provides an exhortation to carefully consider what we say “yes” to when things begin to re-open in this article titled, “It’s Not Often in Life You Get a Do-Over (So Take the Do-Over!).”

Why Do We Confess Our Sins?

John Piper tackles the oft-asked question, “Why do we confess our sins if they are already forgiven. He provides biblical answers for how Christians will deal with ongoing sin. This is a useful discussion for confirming the gospel and clarifying how Christians should deal with their sin.

How to Stay Safe Forever

Greg Morse discusses preparing to die in Christ, with pleas to the unprepared and to Christians.