Serving Opportunites

There are many opportunities for the people of Grace to serve both the church and the community around us. Here you will find some options for areas that are available. Check them out below and then contact us or fill out the forms if you are interested in helping.

Restocking Child Packs
Sidewalk Snow Removal

Fill out this form if you are interested in helping in this area.

Sunday Operations
Interested in helping out with the church during the Sunday morning operations? There are several different ways to serve in this area, from Nursery and Restocking Child Packs, to being ushers and greeters.

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Sunday School
Do you enjoy working with kids? If so, serving in our Sunday School program is a great option for you! Whether you would like to teach or just be an assistant, you can help.

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We are always looking for people to help run the sound and slides for our services as well as the music team. No experience needed! We will train you in whatever area you are looking to help with.

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Are you looking to get involved in our community alongside the church. Grace is involved in several ways of helping our community, including Child Bridge, Hope Ministries, and more.

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Membership Care
Come alongside our church to help out those who are part of our church body, both directly and indirectly. Visiting those who are sick or bedridden as well as helping people move from place to place.

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Membership/Church Facility
Do you have handyman skills or an interest in building decorating? These skills and more are needed for caring for our church members and facility on a daily basis.

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Community Development
Come help us out with preparing for our monthly potlucks as well as meals for those who are needing assistance and more.

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