Gospel Community Groups

What Are They?

Gospel Community Groups are small groups from our larger body that gather together to live out our faith in community. These groups vary in location and diversity, but all are founded on the goal of making disciples and pastoring one another. Our first level pastoral care and discipleship at Grace takes place in our Gospel Community Groups. To not be part of this ministry is to miss the care and connections that are vital for our growth into maturity in Christ.

We have 4 stages of development for our small group ministries:

1. Gathering

Gospel Gatherings are great opportunities for people to be introduced to the experience of living in community. These groups are lead by mature pastoral caregivers who connect people through prayer, meaningful discussion and opportunities to serve one another.

2. Community

Gospel Communities are groups that are committed to actively participate in one another’s growth. Through authentic accountability we welcome the loving challenges from friends that encourage us to trust God more fully, apply the gospel more consistently, and to grow in the likeness of Jesus.

3. Missional

Missional Communities are composed of those who are not only committed to one another’s growth, but also carry a burden to be part of Christ’s global mission to extend the hope of the gospel everywhere.

4. Multiplying

Multiplying Communities reflect a different kind of growth. While the others reflect stages of spiritual growth, these refer to numeric growth. Often groups become too large and are encouraged to sacrifice some of the close relationships they have built in order to launch new groups. In this way they display the self-sacrificial spirit that prioritizes the Kingdom of Christ over their own comfort.

If you are interested in learning more about our Gospel Community Groups and what the purpose of them is, check out the sermon “Gospel Community Groups with a Mission” below. If you have any more questions or need to find a group that best fits you and your family, please contact Pastor Matt.

Gospel Community Groups with a Mission