4/16 Epidemic A La Carte

How Dads Can Shepherd at Home as They Shelter in Place

David Michael from Truth78 explains how dads can shepherd at home. The job of a shepherd (dad) includes knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting. There are many very practical helps to do these things in this video interview, including questions to ask, opportunities for prayer and conversation to take advantage of, a simple format for family worship, and more.

Discipling Children During and Beyond a Time of Disruption

“In this special recording, David Michael and Timothy Paul Jones consider how the COVID-19 pandemic could transform how parents, teachers, and church leaders disciple children both during and beyond this time of significant disruption. Additionally, David shares a timely vision and framework for discipleship found in the newly released book Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of Children (available at Truth78.org/zealous).”

Crisis, Christ, and Confidence: Coronavirus, the King of Conspiracies
On this episode, the guys discuss some biblical principles related to conspiracy theories.