Care through Cards

Showing care to one another is an essential part of living life in community.  The NT speaks of this kind of care often when it calls us to particular loving action to “one another.”  Romans 12:10 is a great example, “love one another with brotherly affection.  Outdo one another in showing honor.”

Like most congregations, we tend to do really well when we are asked to respond to an immediate crisis.  It is always much more difficult to provide long-term care.  Yet, as we all know, visible expressions of genuine care provide so much needed encouragement and help to build unity.  

The main point of this post is to provide some very practical ideas of ways for your entire family to have a role in communicating care to “one another”.  


When people are unable to attend the weekly gathering, they can quickly feel forgotten or uncared for.  Sending an expression of love through a handwritten thoughtful card is a project that every member of your family can be involved.  

  1.  When you send a card, be sure to include the names of your children, or have them sign the card themselves.  This may seem like a little thing, but it helps to teach our children that they have a meaningful place of ministry within the congregation, regardless of their age.  Signing the card signifies that they are included in this expression of care.   
  2.  Take just a little extra time to include a personal note from your family.  Share a meaningful verse of Scripture or a meaningful recent experience that has brought joy to your home.  What is important is that you communicate personally, as a family, to someone who could use your family’s ministry.  
  3.  Have the children make their own homemade “Crayola-colored” cards.  These don’t have to be elaborate, just thoughtful.  


  1.  Finally, if your schedule permits, call and make a time for a short visit to drop off your card.  Depending on the circumstances, 30 minutes may be too long, so be very, very sensitive to the needs of others.  In some cases, people are not able to receive visitors. If that is the case, simply drop off your card, and ask how else you can be helpful to them.  

As an extra thought, your children could decorate prayer cards that sit on your kitchen table as a reminder to pray for “one another.”  

We want to encourage your walk with Christ as a family.  This is a simple, but meaningful way to encourage your children to use their gifts to communicate love and care to the body.  We think you will find this to be a joyful blessing to you, your children, and to those the Lord lays on your hearts.  

This post is a written collaboration from the Family Discipleship Focus Group.